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Line of duty

Line of duty

We have our own memorial day, now we have to make it work writes Superintendent Joseph Gannon. The primary reason for a police memorial is to remember those whose lives were cut short serving their country in the line of duty. To tell their families that their loved one is not forgotten: that the Force remembers them – and always […]

by · May 8, 2015 · Features
Garda rights  come dripping slow

Garda rights come dripping slow

It may be a surprise to many but gardaí were not entitled to vote until the late 1950s. Robert Block examines legal rights that the frontline has had to fight for – not all of which have been won. “That others may live.” This is the motto of the US military’s corps of pararescue, a group of highly trained soldiers, […]

by · May 6, 2015 · Features