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Flagrant drug taking on our streets cannot be downgraded

Flagrant drug taking on our streets cannot be downgraded

EDITORIAL: The media has power. The power to tell what the issues are, and the greater power of news presentation. In recent weeks the focus and framing of news has shifted on to the open drug use in Dublin city centre. This is timely and has currency, because it impacts on tourism, business and the safety of the public. Our […]

by · October 28, 2014 · Editorial, Features
GRA President PJ Stone

Delayed inquiries deny justice

EDITORIAL Four months on from the publication of the Guerin Report, there is (at the time of going to print) no indication of the terms of reference, or who will comprise the inquiry – to have been established in order to fully investigate the allegations of ‘garda malpractice’ made by Sergeant Maurice McCabe detailed in the report. The impact of […]

by · September 16, 2014 · Editorial, Features
Fools rush in

Fools rush in

EDITORIAL There are deep soundings of ‘sea change’ in the structure and role of An Garda Síochána. So many allegations, controversies and issues have been raised, that the public is reeling at the volume – and few can distil any meaningful analysis. The Guerin Report repeated the allegations made by garda whistleblowers originating from the penalty points system, and the […]

by · July 21, 2014 · Editorial, Features
Alternative opportunities to shape modern policing

Alternative opportunities to shape modern policing

EDITORIAL: Mature democratic countries around the world are all looking at ways to encourage citizen engagement and participation; Ireland included. Newly emerging democracies have a clear collective memory of the struggle to attain suffrage, and the process by which the legitimate voice of a one member – one vote – one value principle, was come by. However, as a democratic […]

by · November 20, 2013 · Editorial, Features
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Uniform Irregularity

EDITORIAL: Within the root-and-branch review of An Garda Síochána that was planned to open last month, the debate on the garda uniform needs to be re-examined. The uniform, by definition, is distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organisation that unites and identifies those people. It also creates and reflects an image of the role they perform in society. […]

by · October 30, 2013 · Editorial