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Politics won’t loosen grip on policing

Politics won’t loosen grip on policing

EDITORIAL: No sooner had Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan retired before a well-prepared political elite began to roll out their platitudes and calls for accelerated reform; the implication being that she was an obstacle rather than a facilitator. Furthermore, those on the Opposition benches saw the opportunity to call for a clear-out and bring a new management from abroad. To reduce […]

by · October 25, 2017 · Editorial
Real change starts from within

Real change starts from within

EDITORIAL: Change is coming to our world; there is a certain inevitability about it. Most of us instinctively fear change as it has a primal element that pulls us from our habits and rituals developed as a means of survival. It is always difficult for all but the most visionary; the gifted few who can imagine what it will be like […]

by · August 10, 2017 · Editorial
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Who protects the protectors?

Gardaí have to consider the mental health of those they encounter every day – but what of their own mental well-being asks John O’Keeffe On a day-to-day basis, members of An Garda Síochána are tasked with the most onerous of jobs. We require them to be social workers, counsellors, psychologists and also police officers. They are routinely abused by a […]

by · May 10, 2017 · Features, Modern Policing
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Fake news is real

When it comes to crime reportage, the media has a heavy burden to carry writes Nicola Mitchell The role the media plays in reporting crime and influencing the public’s perception of crime has received a lot of attention over the years. Much of the research has focused on the link between watching violence and perpetrating criminal acts of violence. There […]

by · May 10, 2017 · Opinion
Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan, Tánaiste & Minister for Justice & Equality Frances Fitzgerald and the chair of the Policing Authority Josephine Feehily pictured at the Launch of the Code of Ethics for the Garda Síochána 23/01/2017. Source: http:

What is the role of the Policing Authority?

EDITORIAL: The Garda Representative Association [GRA] advocated for an independent authority to separate policing from politics; not to deny our elected political leaders the opportunity to debate and the right to legislate on policing, but so that they were not seen to exert undue influence on appointments and operational matters. This is a delicate balance that is at the very heart […]

by · February 22, 2017 · Editorial, Features
ARMED CHECKPOINT: Uniformed members of An Garda Síochána, supported by armed SDU officers mount a checkpoint on Kildare Road, Crumlin on 23 July 2016.

Cults by any other name

Understanding how criminal gangs come about and what motivates them is essential if they are to be eliminated writes John O’Keeffe. Dealing with gangs in Dublin and around the country is perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing gardaí in Ireland today. Their killings appear random and unplanned, their motivations scattered and incoherent. Yet men keep dying in hails of […]

by · September 15, 2016 · Modern Policing
Drunk tank

Drunk tank

Detaining the intoxicated in a garda station requires consideration of the many legal issues writes Darren Martin. There is no such thing as the ‘drunk tank’ in this jurisdiction, nor can there be under current legislation. Ireland is not the only jurisdiction where this applies given the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) on member States domestic […]

by · September 15, 2016 · Opinion
Taking the leap

Taking the leap

There are benefits to lifelong learning for members through third-level and in-service training courses writes Darren Martin. The Garda College never closed in the last few years; in-service training courses did continue. The college is now seeing the return of new garda members for the first time in many years, with an impressive number of people who still wish to […]

by · March 25, 2016 · Features
Syrian migrant children arrive to a new dawn as their ferry docks in athens. Pic:Mark Condren 9.10.2015

A helping hand

Moved by the plight of Syrian refugees arriving to the Greek island of Kos two members decided to take direct action writes Bronagh McCrystal. Gardaí Damian McCarthy and Ray Wims decided to travel to the Greek Island of Kos to help refugees as they were profoundly moved, like all Irish people, by the pictures of Aylan Kurdi, the two-year-old Syrian […]

by · December 27, 2015 · Charity, Community, Community News
Inner Garda

Inner Garda

When it comes to psychological self-defense what can police do? Karl  Melvin looks at protecting your inner garda. We live in a society loaded with so many toxic influences it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy state of mind. The never ending flow of bad news in the media, a diet of junk food and chronic addiction are […]

by · December 27, 2015 · Wellbeing & Culture