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Wicklow crosses the rural and urban divide like few other Districts and Arklow may just be its metaphor. Arklow Gardaí Sarah Boland and Siobhan Merrigan take a moment at the stunning Glendalough Lakes

A garden that bears much fruit

This month Editor, John O’Keeffe went to visit the men and women of Arklow Station in the garden of Ireland and found a Frontline embedded in their communities Wicklow crosses the rural and urban divide like few other Districts and Arklow may just be its metaphor. With a population of some 13,000, Arklow town looks up at its larger metropolitan […]

by · June 3, 2020 · Features
Gardaí Philip O’Neil, Siobhán Costello, Dáithí Ó’Floinn and Sergeant Mark Daly, pause for a moment before going out on a Covid-19 checkpoint near Mallow.

Mallow Garda Station? It might just be the template

Visiting the beating heart of Cork County, Editor John O’Keeffe couldn’t help but notice a distinct unity of purpose The moment you meet him you’ll like him. That’s always a good start. I’m talking about Superintendent William Duane, chief bottle washer at Mallow Garda Station. And it’s important. To be a well-liked Superintendent is, unsurprisingly, not a given. Duane need […]

by · May 15, 2020 · Features
Garda Matthew Lenehan and Garda Alan O’Hanlon. Exactly the type of young Frontline gardaí you would want calling to you in a crisis

I Just Want to Dance with You…

John O’Keeffe visited Letterkenny Garda Station and met a group of men and women for whom Daniel O’Donnell should usefully write a song Letterkenny is the type of town that surely we would all like to live in if we knew it properly. Small enough to care but big enough to cope, it exudes all the muscular confidence of a […]

by · April 15, 2020 · Features
An upstairs fire exit which is only accessible through a working toilet. Seriously?

One word. Disgraceful.

  Despite meeting an exceptionally enthusiastic and professional group of gardaí in Clonmel Station, Editor John O’Keeffe, was truly appalled at the conditions they are expected to work in TIhave visited numerous stations up and down the country, and it is true Sligo and Macroom Garda Stations (to name but two) have not been without their significant woes; certain stations […]

by · March 15, 2020 · Features
Balbriggan’s best: 
Garda Paul McCarthy,
Garda Ciarán McQuaid,
Garda Nikki McMorrow and Garda Rebecca O’Sullivan

Making the ordinary extraordinary in Balbriggan

Editor, John O’Keeffe went to visit Balbriggan Garda Station and met with the men and women of ‘the Regular’ There’s something about the word ‘regular’ that seems to send people into the land of nod. The Oxford Dictionary describes it as, “existing or happening repeatedly in a fixed pattern with equal or similar amounts of space or time between one […]

by · January 28, 2020 · Features
The GNBCI Engine Room: Pictured (l – r): Ms. Elaine Tonna-Barthet, EO, Central Admin. Dept; D/Chief Superintendent, Walter O’Sullivan; Ms. Anna O’Connor, HEO, Principal Administrative Officer, Central Admin Dept.

A Bureau to Remember

Editor John O’Keeffe paid a recent visit to the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Dublin’s Harcourt Street and found a culture of professionalism in the wallpaper The year? 1979. The boy? A 15-year-old, yours truly. The place? Harcourt Street to visit the legendry Inspector Dennis ‘Dinny’ Mullins – head of the Drugs Squad in Dublin, for a Transition […]

by · December 13, 2019 · Features
It’s official: they now want to spy on gardaí

It’s official: they now want to spy on gardaí

The latest government draft bill has now come up with the dysfunctional suggestion that GSOC might spy on gardaí who have become ‘persons of interest’ writes John O’Keeffe   It could well read from the pages of a badly written John Le Carre novel. Then again, not many will have seen the latest pearls from the Garda Síochána (Amendment) Bill […]

by · July 18, 2014 · Opinion
Measuring Garda performance – time for some lateral thinking

Measuring Garda performance – time for some lateral thinking

A garda’s success is often crudely measured for example by the amount of arrests made, yet there is so much more to modern policing writes John O’Keeffe   The difficulty with measuring police performance has been one that has dogged police forces for generations. The very nature of policing is that it often sits in a cloud of subjectivity. One person’s […]

by · May 20, 2014 · Features, Modern Policing
Is the whistleblowing saga powered by hot air?

Is the whistleblowing saga powered by hot air?

To rank and file gardaí, the latest whistleblowing saga appears very much like these things always appear to those who work the frontline – diversionary hot air writes John O’Keeffe. Picture this scene if you will. Tom has been in the Force for 15 years.*  He graduated from Templemore at a time when the Celtic Tiger had begun to lick […]

Due process and presumed innocence? Not for a garda

Due process and presumed innocence? Not for a garda

When it comes to basic human rights for gardai, it’s one rule for them and another for everyone else says John O’Keeffe. I could probably highlight a serious garda injustice every week.. On balance I, and this magazine, must highlight the cases where it is felt that not only was a grave disservice done to a garda or gardaí, but […]

by · February 12, 2014 · Opinion