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Fake news is real

When it comes to crime reportage, the media has a heavy burden to carry writes Nicola Mitchell The role the media plays in reporting crime and influencing the public’s perception of crime has received a lot of attention over the years. Much of the research has focused on the link between watching violence and perpetrating criminal acts of violence. There […]

by · May 10, 2017 · Opinion
Publish and  be damned

Publish and be damned

Sensational crime headlines may well have a large influence on teenage behaviours says Simona Zudyte. Daily we consume news from a variety of sources without realising that all broadcasting organisations have constructed reports not only to inform, but also to influence its readers. Crime reporting in the media and in particular its sensationalism of crime may well have a large […]

by · February 18, 2015 · Features
Why we just love to hate Love/Hate

Why we just love to hate Love/Hate

Gritty TV dramas are often used as spurious reasons to explain any rise in violent crime says John O’Keeff.   Joe Duffy has been busy over the last while. Then again, Joe Duffy is always busy. Joe is never busier than when RTÉ produces something that is good – amazingly good. When RTÉ churns out some US re-runs all is […]

by · December 9, 2013 · Opinion
Media bypass

Media bypass

Social media is a direct route to telling the public stories of positive policing and engagement with the community, writes Neil Ward   A common perception of members is that positive stories of good policing do not make it to the national news, and there is more than a grain of truth in this. The news values and news framing […]

by · October 23, 2013 · Features, Modern Policing, Technology